What is The health at every size® body activism kit?

The Health at Every Size® (HAES®) Body Activism Kit is a cute little pouch filled with bookmarks, cards, and stickers to help you educate your friends, family, and everybody else about HAES®. The principles of HAES® are printed on the outside so you have them close at hand for days where you need a reminder. See a weight loss ad on a bulletin board? Slap a "love your body" sticker on it. A friend asking you why you don't just start the latest diet? Give her a bookmark printed with myths and facts about weight loss and directions to finding more information.

why the haes® kit?

Because time after time we all end up in situations where we are bombarded with weight loss and body hating messages, whether we are eating lunch with friends, talking to colleagues, or passing by endless weight loss ads on bulletin boards. In those times, I often wish I had a quick and easy way to communicate the HAES message. This kit makes it easy to communicate HAES® (and lets you save some sanity points for when you need them most).

what is HAES®?

Health at Every Size® is a weight-neutral approach to health. As described on the HAES® Community site, it is based on the simple premise that the best way to improve health is to honor your body. It supports people in adopting health habits for the sake of health and well-being (rather than weight control). Health at Every Size and HAES are registered trademarks of the Association for Size Diversity and Health and are used with permission.

Health at Every Size® encourages:

  • Radical Acceptance: Accepting and respecting the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes.
  • Shake What You Got: Finding the joy in moving one’s body and becoming more physically vital.
  • Life Is Delicious: Eating in a flexible manner that values pleasure and honors internal cues of hunger, satiety, and appetite.

How do i get my kit?

Go to the shop and order one! They are being sold at below cost, to offset what I spend on  making the pouch, printing the contents, shipping the kit, and hosting this website. 

can i help?

Definitely! I am always looking for more content to include. Contact me to talk about ideas.


I'm a fat physician training to be a child psychiatrist. In medical school, I was faced with a choice: either see myself is stupid for still being fat, or try to understand why endless diets didn't work and left me hating myself and my body. I started reading the evidence and stumbled on the HAES® movement. I learned that there is a better, happier, and healthier way to live, and now I share that knowledge with my patients as well.